-Innovation in Structural Interpretation of Al-TM (Transition-metal); decagonal Quasicrystals By ARM-200F STEM Cs-corrected.

-Structural Analysis of Nanoparticles Using Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy.

-Novel Structural Characterisations of Insulating and Electron Beam Sensitive Materials Employing Low Voltage High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy JSM-7800F.

-Effects of l-menthol on the Thermotropic Characteristics of Intercellular Lipid in the Hairless Rat Stratum Corneum Evaluated by Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Electron Spin Resonance.

-Introduction of New Products, Correlative Mixcroscopy, JSM-7610F, JEM1400Plus.

-50 Year JEOL NEWS Anniversary.