Ispezione di Wafer per SEM

Strumenti per semi-conduttori

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e i difetti inaccettabili.

JWS-3000 Inline SEM for 300mm Wafer
To improve the yield in the semiconductor manufacture process, the causes of defect must be examined by both visual observation and elements analysis in SEM.

JWS-3000 can link coordinate data, move the stage to the defect position easily, and then inspect & observe it on high resolution SEM by using online networking to various kinds of optical defect inspection systems. Using ADR (Auto Defect Review) and ADC (Auto Defect classification), The JWS can collect defect data automatically and classify to find the source quickly. An important feature is ease of operation without special training.

By employing a super-conical objective lens, the wafer can be tilted up to 45° without changing working distance. High resolution is maintained even in tilting observation.

It is not necessary to adjust each axis with changing observation conditions. The JWS can be equipped with various optional functions such as; CD measurement, optical microscope, EDS, INDEXER etc.

  • Accelerating voltage: 0 ~ 15kV
  • Resolution: 3nm at 1 kV
  • Long term Beam Stability by TFE Electron Beam (flashing unnecessary )
  • High resolution image at 45° Tilt of 300mm wafer by employing super-conical objective lens
  • User Friendly operation with advanced GUI
  • High throughput defect inspection on-line with communication to optical defect inspection systems
  • Low energy observation 100-500V for low-K material
  • High throughput in Automatic Defect Review mode
  • Auto Defect Analysis
  • Remote operation available
  • Superior VC & HAR imaging

Example of pattern defect observation by JWS-3000

The JWS-3000 can obtain useful information for improving yield in manufacture process. The source of the defect and particles can be observed at high magnifications as well as multiple changing of tilt and rotation angles.