Ispezione di Wafer per SEM

Strumenti per semi-conduttori

Strumenti di analisi di maschere per
migliorare la gestione delle prestazioni,
consente di rilevare rapidamente le imperfezioni
e i difetti inaccettabili.

WM-10 Wafer Surface Inspector
A low cost of operation and minimal investment tool for wafer surface defect detection, the WM-10 features sensitivity of 48nm on bare Si, auto sensitivity correction, improved X/Y coordinate reporting, and a wide dynamic range.

This state-of-the-art tool uses a Violet LD 408nm wavelength light source to differentiate between pits and particles, and accommodates wafer sizes from 100mm to 300mm.


  • One or Two-Axis, Violet Laser Diode Light Source
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Accommodates wafer sizes: 100-300mm
  • Fast throughput
  • Auto sensitivity correction: gives stable results; easy-to-use; very reliable
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